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Redlr is a place where freelancers share their passions and interests for just $5. Basically, you can get anything and everything for $5.

This is not your ordinary freelance website. Rather, it is a place for creativity and services you think may be too odd to post on a standard freelance website.

The best thing about Redlr is that it is made of people and not just a company. Thus, it is a fun place to make some quick cash doing what you enjoy to do. And yes, it’s all for $5.

If you’re just starting out in business, you definitely need Redlr. No matter how small your company is, it’s simply impossible to do everything by yourself.
You may want to save every dollar you can, but in the long run, you will end up losing a lot of time and ultimately money trying to do everything by yourself.
However, by outsourcing some tasks (especially small, repetitive tasks), you will free up a lot of time to focus on the things that really drive your small startup to success.

Look at it this way: if you spend $5 to make $2 on a single task, you will be ahead by $2 and your stress levels will not be as high. If you aggregate that into 10 jobs that can be done in a matter of minutes, you will be ahead by $20 within minutes. This is the power of Redlr; you get many things done within a short time, and everything for $5. This is what your growing business needs.

What’s Redlr All About?

Redlr’s business model allows buyers to assess freelancer postings to find one that is best suited to handle their task for $5. This price is an incredible bargain but that doesn’t mean you cannot get value for money. You should definitely get what you pay for. When searching for suitable freelancers, aim for a win-win where the freelancer will feel well compensated while you’ll also get a good deal.

There are lots of freelancers on here doing various jobs (called pins on the site). The trick to finding a good deal is to shop around. And if you’re going to be outsourcing the same task frequently, find a freelancer that you can work with for some time.
Tips are listed in categories to help buyers easily identify freelancers in a specific category. You can choose from advertising, business, fun jobs, and graphic design to health and lifestyle, girlfriend service, and online marketing, among others.

Of course, in order to get value for money, you need to carefully scrutinize freelancer profiles or listings. If a freelancer has poor grammar or many typos in their listing, it means that they are not bothered to construct a meaningful listing and, therefore, chances are they will not be bothered to do a great job when you hire them. However, this is not always a given because spelling and grammar might not be critical for certain jobs such as graphic design.

Where To Start

Before you can use Redlr, you need to sign up by filling a simple form: supply your email address, a username, password, and your gender. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook account to sign up.

Once you’re signed up, you can shop around for job offerings (known as pins) and once you find a pin that matches your needs, you simply pay the $5 with your credit card or PayPal and that’s it. Remember, everything is for $5. You can filter jobs by date or pin rating.

If you cannot find a freelancer offering the specific service you’re looking for, you can open a job request and state your needs.
Redlr states in their privacy policy that user information is kept securely and is always confidential. You can opt to remain anonymous throughout the buying process. You can also cancel orders within specific parameters. However, since everything is $5, it’s not really worth it to get into a squabble if you’re not happy with something. Instead, you should use that as a learning experience and continue to explore the site. Once you pay for work and it is delivered to you, all rights to that work belong to you.

One of the easiest jobs you can get done on Redlr is graphic design. There are hundreds of graphic designers who can do logos and other types of design work. Of course, since everything is $5, you cannot expect top-notch work, but you can count on work being done on time. You will get what you want but honestly, not like a dedicated graphic artists would do it. Remember, here you get it done at $5 so you must be willing to compromise on some things.

But all in all, Redlr is a great place for getting small jobs done on time. It helps you free up a lot of time to focus on the things that will take your business to another level. Join Redlr today and save time and money while getting more things done.


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