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High PR Backlinks for $5

high pr backlinks 300x225 High PR Backlinks for $5High PR Backlinks Service

If you are maintaining your own website of a product you are selling, you may be struggling on how to make your site on top searches.(high pr backlinks) Aiming to be on top searches is one of the most effective way of advertising your product online; you have to make your site known to as many as you can. 

Even if you own one but is not often visited, you are losing the chance of having a profitable business. There are several ways on how you can make your website known. One of these is through high PR backlinks.

What are high PR backlinks?

You may have heard or saw this word for many times as you surf the internet. Web gurus use this scheme if they want to elevate the rank of their website. You need to know that the success of a website is measured on its rank. Sad to say, even if you’re contents are exceptional, if you just store it inside the site without doing something, your exceptional contents may be put into waste.

Type of backlinks

High PR backlinks are links to and from a website. Links are usually framed into keywords where your site’s URL is linked. Let’s say the keyword is your product name, your site’s URL will be anchored into the keyword but appearing as normal word in content.

Backlinks can be categorized into three:

  • 3-way backlinks – Site A links to Site B then Site B links to Site C which is your website

  • 2-way backlinks – You exchange links with another site

  • Relevant backlinks – You link into a website same are yours

If you think that working on high PR backlinks is just as simple as it is, then you are wrong. There is a science behind it that only experts can do. You may give it a try but you may be losing the chance of being on top. Linking starts by creating exceptional articles. Inside each article, perfect keywords must be added where your URL will be anchored. It requires extensive research to find a perfect keyword; or you can use keyword search software to help you. After that, you are to find websites that have high PR to be your partner. Again, it’s either you do it your own or you use software to do this task for you.

High PR Sites

So now, you need to work on your rank. Note too, that there is what we call page rank and web rank. Page rank only pertains to the rank of a page inside a website while web rank is the rank of the site as a whole. In the high PR backlink scheme, it is the page rank or the PR that is usually monitored.

Not all websites have high PR. PR grading starts from 0, which is the lowest up to 10 as the high PR backlinks. This means, that you need to look for grade 10 PR sites and collaborate with them. A balance though must be observed so Google won’t find any anomaly. Balance means having low PR and high PR backlinks to your site.

Looking for partner sites is a tedious task to do. You need to do extensive research and the research must be done from time to time. Everyday, page ranking may change depending on the trend in the web. You need to be updated of this moving trend so you will be on track on the status of the sites you’re linking with.

Again, doing this is tedious and takes a lot of expertise. What if you are not yet an expert? What if you are only a beginner?

Buy High PR backlinks

Yes, you read it correctly. If you are struggling with all these information, it is high time for you to outsource this tedious task. You can buy high PR backlinks for even as low as $5. You can find them to sites like Redlr. They offer backlinking services for those who cannot afford to spend much time doing the extensive backlinking task.

Outsourcing your task to an expert will give you more time to focus on the product you are selling. What you will do is to provide all necessary information to the chosen provider and then all the works will be done for you.

Make sure you only endorse the task to trustworthy provider. You can check credibility scores and the contents of the feedback from previous clients. Not all who poses the service are credible enough to make your page rank into google. What you can do is to ask for detailed updates from time to time. Ask how they facilitated the linking and what sites they collaborated with. It doesn’t matter if they use automated or manual backlinking. What’s important is they can give you meaty information on what’s going on with the linking process.

Buying high PR backlinks can be the answer to your dream of landing into the top search. Make it happen now.



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