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Like Fiverr – Simple Steps to Make Money

like fiverr Like Fiverr   Simple Steps to Make Money

Sites Like Fiverr

As the economy continues to experience a lot of fluctuations and uncertainties, it is becoming clear that people need to get other sources of income if they are to meet the huge financial responsibilities. This is where the Internet offers an incredible way out of the dilemma. Sites Like Fiverr have now stepped in to give people a solution which works and provides them with a chance to get paid, and boost their income or earnings. The first step is to go to the site Like Fiverr and open an account by entering a few of your personal details as requested and required of you.

While you are registering, you need to ensure that you have also opened an account with some renowned and secure money transfer sites such as PayPal. You will be required to furnish Like Fiverr with this information as well. It is important that you have an account with these money transfer or payment sites since that is where your cash will be sent so that you can withdraw it, and use as you desire. You will then be asked to post gigs or a list of products you are willing to offer so that other people in the site can bid for and purchase after you reach an agreement.

How Many Gigs Can You Post at Like Fiverr?

There is no limit as to the number of services or gigs or products you can offer for sell on sites Like Fiverr. You can only be limited by your own creativity or lack thereof. However, you need to understand that the services of gigs you post here are only those for which you require a payment of between $5 and $10. The price of the gigs you offer for sale should not exceed the $10 mark. If you have products that cost less or more than what Fiverr allows, you can go to other sites which have come up in the recent past and allow you to set up your own unique prices for every gig posted.

It is vital that you understand the process involved when you post a gig on such types of sites. Once you reach an agreement with the buyer on price, they are required to deposit their money with Fiverr in what is called an escrow account. Their money is held there and not released to you until you deliver the good which the buyer has paid for. You are given a period of time which ranges from 1 to 3 days during which you are required to have delivered the product you put up on the gig. Therefore, you must make sure that you take the delivery time into account when selecting whom to sell the gig to.

The goal in using sites Like Fiverr is to gain positive reviews from people you transact business with. If you have a reputation for keeping time with delivery of the products you put up for sale, you will always receive new clients and this will make you earn positive reviews hence boosting your earnings. Secondly, you must ensure that the products you list for sale are in relatively good shape and not damaged in any way. There are plenty of other sites where you can also post the same gigs, but you would first need to take a look into their guidelines to check whether your price fits within their acceptable range.

The fact that you can list up to twenty gigs on sites Like Fiverr gives you a good base from which to embark on business and start making money. This allows you the opportunity to creatively package the gigs you wish to list on this and other similar sites. You can reach a wider market and receive different quotes or bids for your gigs depending on the amount each of these sites allows. There is no limit as to what types of gigs you can put up on these sites. Most of the gigs put up on sites Like Fiverr include video services, as well as asking for people to allow you sing a brief song for them or their loved ones.

You could also offer a few tips on what a person needs to do in order to rescue a broken friendship or relationship and get paid a few dollars for your efforts. These are things you can do within minutes, unless it is the kind of work which needs a lot of time to research and conclude. As long as there is some skill that you can perform, or you are able to teach one or two things, or even run your own blog, you will never lack opportunities through which to make money and add on to your regular income. If you are out of work, this site will be of great benefit to you in more ways than you can think.



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  1. very good article, but one thing i wanted to know that how many others are making sites like fiverr and charging hell lot of fee?
    is there any site which sell gigs free of charge?

    Posted by micro-job site | 07. Feb, 2013, 5:13 AM


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  2. Offering Your Gig

    The way websites like Fiverr get the job done is that once somebody purchases your gig, their funds is held in an escrow account right up until you deliver the goods. Whilst putting your gig you were being possibly asked for a flip all over time to deliver your support. This is normally 1 to 3 times.

    Budgetsite - 16. Mar, 2013
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